FitR Whitepaper

Exercise Mode

Single Player
In the Exercise Mode, users equipped with an XPal NFT can earn tokens by exercising. XPal NFT Energy is needed to earn FitR Social Tokens (FST). Every one Energy Level equals 100 movements of move2earn time.
To begin, users select an XPal NFT + an Equipment NFT like a JRope (optional) of their choice, selects an exercise, and presses Start.
Users should put their phone in a fixed position and step back until their full body is within the frame. After the phone recognizes the player, a countdown will begin telling the player when to start exercising and earning. Keeping a moderate bright environment, with light shining on the player, not the phone. Keeping the phone in a stable fixed position is required for FitR’s movement recognition.
For all jumping exercises, players should jump a minimum of 5cm off the ground to make sure the AI system recognizes a valid jump.
The final score of the exercise will determine the basis for the earnings of the exercise. FST or FMT will be paid out for every 50 movements (like a jump), the number of tokens paid out will vary based on three main factors:
  1. 1.
    Number of exercise movements performed: The total number of movements will become the basic value of earning tokens. The more movements, the more tokens you will earn.
  2. 2.
    XPal NFT Attribute: The four Attributes of the NFT will affect the earnings. The higher the Attribute values, the higher the earnings. Users can only earn FST at NFT Levels 0-39 and can choose to earn FST or FMT at NFT Level 40 (Following the website countdown).
  3. 3.
    Durability: As a user exercises, XPal NFT Durability will decrease. The range in which the Durability value falls affects the earnings.
When a player’s daily Energy is depleted, the user will stop earning tokens. They can either choose to carry on tracking their movements in FitR without earning tokens, or manually exit the Exercise Mode by pressing the “End Game” button.