FitR Whitepaper

(rev. 11/05/22)

This version of the FitR Whitepaper is written for the Beta Test Phase 2.0. After we complete the Beta Test Phase 2.0, it will be updated accordingly.


FitR /Fit-er/ is a decentralized social fitness platform.
Powered by strong AI technology, FitR provides a full range of indoor and outdoor exercises. FitR allows users to find their favorite exercises or discover challenging new exercises. The gamified design makes exercising fun. Users can perform cooperative challenges with friends and family in FitR or battle each other to make exercising competitive. Exercising with family and friends enhances relationships and improves everyone’s physical fitness. FitR also provides players the opportunity to make new workout friends from across their community and the world.
According to our plan, the first exercises are jumping exercises (jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.) and boxing. Players can select their favorite exercise and be rewarded with game tokens for completing the exercise; tokens can be used in FitR or sold in the crypto exchange.
Note: FitR is currently at Beta Test Phase 2, contents in the Whitepaper will be updated regularly.


  1. 1.
    Game Token: FST (FitR Social Token)
  2. 2.
    Governance Token: FMT (FitR Metaverse Token)
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